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Keystart Portal - Security Tips

Online Security Tips

Every computer that is used to connect to the internet and access Keystart's Client Portal should have the necessary software installed and configured to provide security protection. The following actions can greatly increase your online security:

  • Install and configure a reputable Security Suite that provides at least the following:
  • Anti-Virus (provides protection from Viruses which can harm your machine).
  • Anti-Spyware (provides protection from malicious software that may attempt to eavesdrop or monitor your online activities).
  • Turn on the Microsoft Windows Firewall (Windows 7 Users Windows Vista Users ).
  • Turn on Microsoft Windows Updates and configure them for automatic updates ( ).
  • Avoid using public computers such as internet caf├ęs as these can remember information you may enter or could have software installed that may capture your private details and information entered while using these computers.
  • Always remember to click the 'Log Off' link as soon as you have finished accessing the Keystart Client Portal.
  • Always type in into your browsers address bar rather than clicking on links.
  • Pay attention to the Last Logged in date and time information when you log into Keystart's Client Portal to ensure no unauthorised access has occurred. If the last Logged on time does not correspond to when you last used the Client Portal please contact customer support on 1300 578 278 immediately.
  • Always change your password in the event of a relationship breakdown or if your password becomes known to other parties.
  • If you receive an email from Keystart stating that some of your details have been updated online and you have not recently done this then please call Keystart's customer support team immediately on 1300 578 278.
  • Under the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), unsolicited electronic commercial messages are prohibited and must not be sent. Keystart and the Country Housing Authority comply with the provisions of the Act and would never communicate with you regarding your personal information by email. You should ignore such emails. Take time to think about the authenticity of email correspondence, or authenticity of websites or communications that look suspicious. If in doubt, contact Keystart by telephone on 1300 578 278.

If you are unsure on how to configure your computer or security software to provide adequate online protection then please consult your local IT company.

General Security Tips

These security tips can help you protect yourself and family from the possibility of fraud:

  • Always check statements and transactions for any anomalies and report any suspicious or unauthorised transactions to Keystart's customer support team immediately on 1300 578 278
  • If you change your mailing address or email address you can update these details under the Contact Details page or contacting the Keystart customer support team on 1300 578 278.
  • Do not disclose your personal or account information especially Client ID's and Passwords in any way especially over the phone unless you initiated the call or unless you are certain that you are dealing with an authorised Keystart customer support team member. Alternatively if you have any concerns about who you are dealing with you may decline to continue the call and call Keystart back on 1300 578 278.
  • When disposing of correspondence containing personal information such as registration letters, statements and interest rate changes take care to ensure that documents are safely disposed of or destroyed properly before throwing them away.
  • If possible consider locking your letterbox or using a PO box to help avoid your personal mail being stolen as thieves have been known to use personal details to perform identity fraud.
  • If you live in shared accommodation do not leave any personal information unattended.

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